Thursday, February 03, 2011

One Plus One Equals Two Dozen When You Start With The Right One! ActiveRain Gathering in Baltimore!

One Plus One Equals Two Dozen When You Start With The Right One!
ActiveRain Gathering in Baltimore!
 How can one plus one equal two dozen?
1+1= 2 Dozen HomeRome 410-530-2400

It all started a few weeks ago when Mary Yonkers commented that she would be in the Baltimore area. A phone call to set up a date turned into a full blown ActiveRain happening.

It was just going to be the two of us meeting (one plus one) until I wrote a post asking others to join us. Mary, plus three other reblogs,  plus word of mouth has turned into a gathering of over 25.

How cool is that?

Whenever I hear a member say something like:  "I wish we could do that in an area closer to me."  my suggestion... pick up the phone, send an email, make a comment or better yet write a blog. It only takes you and one other person to have a date.  You may wonder..."What if no one else shows up?" 

If you have chosen someone you like and admire to have lunch with.."How can you go wrong?"

The worse thing that can get to know another professional a bit better..Give it a try in your area.
Look at the group that is gathering for lunch this Saturday!
Saturday February 5th.. 12noon
Suburban House
1700 Reisterstown Road
Baltimore, MD 21208-2978
Here is the wonderful group that has  signed up to join us Saturday February after tomorrow.

If you count that makes 2 dozen plus.
Margaret Rome
Margaret Woda
Martha Brown
Mary Yonkers                                                      
Gail Harris,
Kate Elim
Rich Iarossi
Dr. Stacey
Ellie McIntire
Mortgage Mama
C Tann-Starr
Gerry Michaels     
John MacArthur
Lourdes Tudela
Patricia Kennedy
Susan Mangigian
Charlene Perry
Dan Quinn
Papa Razzi
Rich Harris
Tony Demchak
Peg Silloway
Phil Marcus
Jen Demanicor
  Suburban House lunch.. HomeRome 410-530-2400    Onion Rings at S&H     Soup's On

Do we add your name to the list above?
One plus one equals two dozen when you start with the right one!

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