Saturday, February 05, 2011

Rainers Eat Well in Baltimore. Have You Seen a Matzoh Ball Smile?

Today I saw a matzoh ball smile and I think it was because 25 ActiveRainers were having such a good time in Baltimore. The place was Suburban House and here is a sampling of the various lunches.

  Smiley Matzoh Ball
Is this matzah ball smiling?

     S&H Sandwich                                          
This sandwich is called "Mother in Law"
Build Your Own Salad  
 This is one of many 'create your own' salad.

A grilled Reuban

French Toast     
 A serving of challah French toast. 

Rainbow Cake
Homemade Rainbow cake with chocolate layers

Here is the list of ActiveRain members who attended the lunch in Baltimore today
and how you can   Be With ActiveRainers Without Being With ActiveRainers!

Hoping to see more posts from the special members who shared this day with us in Baltimore.

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