Sunday, February 27, 2011

Serengeti at the Baltimore ACC Show This Weekend

Here is a bit of the seen this weekend in Baltimore  at the  American Craft Council Show February 24-27th.

         crocodile ACC  HomeRome 410-430-2400       crocodile ACC  HomeRome 410-430-2400         Giraffe ACC  HomeRome 410-430-2400
I found the crocodile and the giraffe done by the same artists Scott and Jodi Causey who are from Sarasota, Fl.  They were a wonderful in moving the large ceramic crocodile on the left so  I could get a better picture. My suggestion was to get a couple of Stefan's books to display with the animals. Guess I am always marketing.

The photo of the middle crocodile was a small jewelry pin by Sean Brown, an artist from Denver, Colorado

Tonight I see Karen's post The Graceful Giraffe meets the Type E Personality   and made this comment: '' Karen, I love this post! Well of course, I's about me! Could you move to Baltimore? I really need a good translator. rare and so hard to find! Just found out from your last post that you and I are both Registered first career.  Glad you liked the photo of the giraffe taken yesterday at the ACC craft show in Baltimore.''

Serengeti at the Baltimore ACC Show This Weekend

I will be back later with some more eye candy from the ACC show in Baltimore.

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