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Surviving Your Serengeti..The Rome Way

Surviving your Serengeti: An ActiveRain Challenge

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While reading Stefan Swanepoel's book Surviving Your Serengeti, I could not help comparing it to my  book Real Estate the Rome Way, We both have a quiz. You can take the Type E quiz here    
                                          Real Estate the Rome Way      Surviving your Serengeti
This is how the Type E Mystic is described...
'You’re a mystic visionary who operates so far outside the box you can’t remember where the box is most of the time. Since you have more than just your head in the clouds, it can be a challenge to communicate your ideas and passions to other people.

You’ve also got the gift of time travel, that is, the ability to bring the vision of our world’s future into the present. Without you, human experience would be an endless stream of mundane routines, never reaching for the limitless possibilities that you bring to the rest of us.

Type E Mystics have an uncanny ability to see the big picture even before anything can be seen on the horizon. Their challenge lies in dealing with the details and communicating their vision to others. They require the help of a Type E Translator to put their ideas into action and a Type E Manager to keep  things running smoothly.

When in balance, Type E Mystics are the picture of creativity, enjoying every second of life. Out of balance, they likely will experience a roller coaster ride that creates extreme levels of stress for  themselves, their businesses and families as well.'

                                              crocodile head

After reading the first two chapters of  Surviving Your Serengeti, I took the quiz and found out I was none other than the crocodile.  I love the comparison.

As the crocodile... you are an enterprising and resourceful person... you see the opportunities by keeping your mind open and active. You understand that by being creative, confident and bold can  seize the opportunities that present themselves... you  may even  have the ability to influence the outcome of future events.

Crocodiles show a willingness to undertake new projects, and a strong desire for success and achievement—all qualities that support the role of the entrepreneur.... energy, creativity, and ambition required to see the possibilities in the future that others cannot see.  Enterprisingindividuals are passionate about their work, learn from mistakes, understand their weaknesses as well as their strengths, recognize opportunity, and make strategic decisions with limited data. 

If you are an enterprising person, you’ll see the following characteristics in yourself:  The ability to “think outside the box” when facing difficult problems.... support and encourage imaginative and creative solutions.  The determination to succeed... another important trait...self-confidence...and the tendency to spend a lot of time working alone....  Entrepreneurs have a strong desire to lead rather than follow; they  seek out opportunities that specifically provide a great deal of autonomy. They seek out change, rather than fearing it.

As a Type E Mystic and a now a crocodile... I feel that both describe me and are quite similar.  I have that  willingness to go against the crowd and stand above.  I take advantage of difficult situations, and I don’t allow them to become burdens. 

Enterprising people understand exactly what to do when opportunity knocks.

They don’t complain about the noise!

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