Monday, April 11, 2011

REALTOR® Tragedy at Open House!

REALTOR® Tragedy at Open House!

The following was sent by my friend and fellow CyberProfessional, Les Sulgrove 
When I asked Les' permission to share this, his response: " If it helps stop one senseless attack or worse, we will have succeeded"   Everyone in real estate should be aware of this unfortunate tragedy and learn from it. What a beautiful young woman and what a tragic waste.

                                                       Ashley Okland

I am sad to report that one our REALTOR member, Ashley Okland was killed last Friday while holding a model home open house.  This link to one of our local TV station tells the story.  

I bring this sad news to all of you so that you can take steps now to educate your local membership about REALTOR safety before the unthinkable happens in your association.  God willing it never does.  We had a warning in February here in Iowa when a REALTOR member in Ottumwa, Iowa was attacked and held during a showing.  At that time we began talking about REALTOR safety, presented materials to our membership and thought we were doing all we needed to do to be safe.  We should have done more, but "it never happens here" seemed to be the reason.

Please take this tragic event as your wake up call in your local association.  Start first by going to  Download and purchase all materials related to agent showing and open house.  Encourage your REALTOR Association to revisit their budget and allocate dollars for safety and self defense training.  Commit yourselves to talking about REALTOR safety at every membership event and include links and info in all electronic communications.  It can be as simple as adding a banner to your association website.  Contact local law enforcement and ask them to demonstrate safety acts for your membership....  In the meantime, please keep our fallen agent, Ashley Okland and her family in your prayers.  Les Sulgrove

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