Friday, April 22, 2011

Today at GBBR Margaret Rome Signed up Another New Member!

Today at GBBR Margaret Rome Signed up another new Member for ActiveRain

                     Sign Up ActiveRain

Take a look at new member Rosa Almond. I think ActiveRain is going to be nuts about this new member!
Rosa's enthusiasm, sitting in front of the class, was infectious. Can't wait to hear more about how she is going to use the idea of a bag of almonds tied with a pink ribbon. Rosa  Almond is nuts about Real Estate!!!!!!  

Wow in one day, one blogging class , Rosa signed up, posted and  even reblogged!

Today at GBBR Margaret Rome Signed up Another New Member! 
Congratulations on winning a copy of my book.  With your new commitment to blogging, I hope you find time to read it.

                                                                   Rosa With Margaret's Book
Welcome to ActiveRain.  Please go and give Rosa a warm AR welcome.

Another one of my ActiveRain new members is Stephen Cooper who was a wonderful addition to our class.
His question of frustration was perfect. Bridget McGee was a great help having her laptop and taking time to give you some pointers. You are a quick study and a big congratulations on your featured post. The First Thing I Should Do...

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