Saturday, May 14, 2011

ActiveRainPhotoBloggerContest ..... Shoot For The Moon!

ActiveRainPhotoBloggerContest ..... Shoot For The Moon!

It was the night, after the eclipse back in December ,... I stayed up until after four in the morning capturing the phenomenon. Since the wind chill was down in the teens.... I guess one might say I was a bit obsessed with this celestial body.

The following evening, on the way to a party, I again took some photos of the Moon Over Baltimore  but it was this one photo that was so that was  obviously taken before my friend  William Johnson made a suggestion. 

This heart moon was taken while riding, as a passenger, in a car at about 60 MPH...and no matter how many times I tried, I could not repeat or come close to reproducing this shot. But I still continue to Shoot For The Moon.

                         Shoot For the Moon  HomeRome 410-530-2400

Since this contest is about photography, please take time to  read the 5th comment on this post wirtten in March. 

Just look how much caring went into that comment. This is how we connect with others. On ActiveRain, there is so much learning and sharing and love just like this unique photo of the moon.

Not sure but maybe I played a small part in the idea for this contest... because of a phone conversation with William and his words... '' I love your idea that we discussed and you make me so proud to be associated  with you. Your gracious and giving heart guarantees you a place in his safe keeping. .."

When the contest was officially announced, my thought was to take a picture of my new  TrekTech Pod II and then some before and after photos. Tough to do when we are allowed only one!

Because of members like William Johnson, I will continue to Shoot For The Moon!

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