Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another HomeRome Listing Under Contract 6202 Ivymount Rd 21209

Another HomeRome Listing is Under Contract 6202 Ivymount Rd. Baltimore 21209 Contemporary White Brick Rancher 


You know I  Really Like Saying 'Another HomeRome Listing is Under Contract'.
This rancher is in one of my favorite areas of Baltimore City... named "Pill Hill" because of the all the doctors and pharmacists who originally lived in the area. I took the listing in June after it had been on the market, without success, for the prior six months. I really like this home and what it had to offer and did not think it was overpriced. I felt  The Right Buyer has not seen it!

The owner was also quite special...this lovely woman was my daughter's first grade teacher. So now I loved the area, I loved the house and I adored the owner. No way, I was not going to sell it!

We had one offer.. but that buyer's agent kept telling me all the things that were wrong with the house. ( I guess that was his way of negotiating.) My seller rejected that offer and within 10 days we had a beautiful offer from one of my favorite agents, Leslie Madden. She had the right buyers. They were perfect and loved the neighborhood. Leslie told me the first time they toured the house, they stayed for two hours..sitting on the screened in porch enjoying the gardens...they loved it!

            Ivymount Gardens  Ivymount screened porch
Home Inspection was yesterday and settlement is scheduled for the first week in September.

Another  HomeRome listing is under contract! 6202 Ivymount Rd. 21209

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