Monday, August 08, 2011

Active Rain, the Rome Way!

When I speak with young agents, I tell them," Do every single thing with the hope of getting a thank-you note. "  When they start coming in, the success will follow. Focus on what's best for others and what you can do to bring about these expressions of appreciation.''

My husband says I work for these notes and I always agree with him.

Today, I received the best "pay check" ever! First an email thanking me and then this beautiful post. Can you just imagine Alan tearing up?
I love that my little note made Alan feel so special!

Via Alan May, Coldwell Banker Evanston, Illinois Realtor® (Chicago's Northern Suburbs):
 I received a large 9 x 12 envelope in today's mail.  And it had a return address from our illustrious Margaret Rome.
Hmmm.... I thought to myself... what is Margaret Rome sending to little ole me?
I opened it up, and the first think I saw was a post-it note that said "Alan-Very Proud of you!!" and it was signed Margaret.
I think I teared-up a little bit, when I saw that... Margaret was proud of me... that's so cool... wonder what I did that made her proud.
I soon noticed that underneath the post it note was a copy of the Commentary that I had written called "Let's Ask the Inspector" (based on a post of mine from Active Rain) that Realtor magazine had published in their April/May 2011 issue.
Margaret had taken the time to give it a nice aqua blue frame, and have it laminated.... BOTH SIDES!!
I am both humbled and honoured, not only to be noticed by Margaret... but that she took the time to laminate and mail (via snail mail... TWO STAMPS!!) a copy to me.  That's just the quality of the membership here in the Rain, and the culture that we are privileged to be a part of.  (crap, I just ended that sentence with a preposition... my father-in-law, Max would be upset).
Now it's one thing to receive a nice note from a colleague, and yet another to receive a note from a colleague telling you that they are proud of you for something you did that was business related.
But to receive such a note from the venerable Margaret Rome.  For those of you who know Margaret (Realtor magazine's Open House master, and author of Real Estate the Rome Way), you shouldn't be surprised.  She's just that type of person!
I can't even begin to tell you how touched I am.
Margaret, you are one of a kind, and I am touched.  (of course you probably already knew that I was a little "teched", but this is a little different)...
Thank you very much.
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Aww shucks
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