Monday, August 01, 2011

It Did Not Smell Like Roses!!

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Yesterday I went out with "Future Sellers". Most of you call these clients buyers. Being a listing agent, there is no way I would encourage a buyer to purchase a property that I would not be proud to list in the future. Hence...I only work with future sellers.

I had appointments set up pretty quickly with our Centralized Showing Service. All of them scheduled between 1-3 PM. The second property, I used my Sentri card to obtain the key from the Lockbox, opened the door and the husband went in first. He came back coughing and gagging. My brilliant thought need to go in.

But the wife loved the neighborhood and wanted to see this home.  Well we should have known better. We had to cut our showings short and did not get to the last two. I called CSS and canceled.

Upon my return.... an email requesting feedback was waiting for me.  I always give feedback and this time was no exception.. my feedback response to that second house read:

''House was filthy with crying litter boxes..feces everywhere.  My pregnant buyer got sick from the smell and condition and had to cancel our other appointments. This needs to be reported to animal control!''

I wanted to say so much more, like you wasted my time, turned these clients off, how dare you allow a showing with these existing conditions but I said no more.

And this morning I received the following reply:
"Thank you for the feedback, Margaret.  I wasn't aware.  The cats should have been removed a while ago.  I'll contact sellers.  My apologies."
It was a very unpleasant situation but I appreciated the quick response and apology.
It did not smell like roses!

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