Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Quick Smooth Short Sale is No Big Deal!

A Quick Smooth Short Sale...No Big Deal!

The contract offer was written on June 18th, the contract was accepted on July 7th, bank approval was given on July 13th and closing took place today August 25!

A Quick Smooth Short Sale is No Big long as you have the right team.

Our team consisted of a terrific listing agent Robert Ellin, title attorney Jeff Margolies,  Margaret Rome and Mortgage Mama.

We also had the most cooperative and pleasant seller plus  wonderful buyers!

The team worked together in harmony keeping each one updated and getting everything the bank wanted in a timely manner.

In my opinion, it is the relationship of the listing agent with the bank that makes or breaks a short sale. Robert Ellin was a delight to work with and on top of each and every detail.


I like the laminated survey Supreme Title gives to the buyer.

                                         Survey  HomeRome 410-530-2400
                                                  Jeff Margolies Esq

I had the best buyers in the world! At first we were looking for                a townhouse with garage. We were lucky it was not available because we found this wonderful single family home with a two car garage in a neighborhood with lots of their friends!


                                       Robert Ellin, Margaret Rome, The Buyers

                                              Mortgage Mama


Always  thought M&M stood for Margaret in Maryland but Bridget said otherwise..Mortgage Mama. Can we both be right? Absolutely!

A Quick Smooth Short Sale is No Big long as you have the right team.

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