Friday, October 28, 2011

Debbie Does Cupcakes...In Baltimore!

                                    Cupcake by Debbie

   Homemade cupcakes by Debbie...the perfect dessert for any party...even a special  Baltimore get together like a


How convenient, one phone call and the most delicious cupcakes are delivered in a  beautiful gift wrapped container. Since it is the end of October, Debbie created a Halloween theme.

Each delicacy was individually decorated with a colorful icing , various sprinkles and confections... some with leaves, some with pumpkins, some with smiling ghosts, some with tiny alphabet letters and some even said "BOO"!


                                  Debbie's Cupcakes

                                    Cupcakes..HomeRome Party


If you would like to have Debbie's beautiful, creative and tasty cupcakes please give her a call at 410-440-0610


  Debbie Does Cupcakes in Baltimore!

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