Monday, November 28, 2011

These Agents Got It!!

These Agents Got It!

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  Recently wrote a post about a friend who is thinking of retiring to Florida but has no clue how or where or with whom to start. So I wrote this post..Attention Florida Brokers and Real Estate Agents...Who is Going to Help Me Find a Florida Home? 

These agents  got "IT"

Look at these two comments:

The first is  from 'The Other Margaret in Maryland" one of my favorite members...Margaret Woda. 

"Margaret, I understand where these folks are in their search.  It has to start somewhere and, like many people, they really don't know where that should be.  When you're contemplating retirement, you really do have the whole country to choose from... narrowing it down to Florida is a good start.  A Florida agent who loves their area will reach out and share it with others, and their enthusiasm will be contagious." Margaret Woda got it! She understands that people retiring are not sure where they want to settle down.

The second one... Connie Harvey also got it!

''The truth is, unless you've spent a lot of time in Florida, you couldn't possibly know for sure where you'd want to go. If I were an agent in FL and had property that met what they've asked for, I'd be selling my community to them!!!''

Agents can start a line of referrals with other agents. Think of  ALL the  Realtors®  in  All the States....not just Maryland or Tennessee, who have clients in this situation. This is such an opportunity to show off our properties. Tell people why they should consider our area.

Since I found out that Yahoo named Baltimore as one of the Top 10 Destinations for Holiday Lights...(Miracle on 34th Street )

I  need to write another post..."Why move to Maryland?"

Thanks Margaret Woda and Connie Harvey

These Agents Got It!

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