Friday, February 24, 2012

             ACC Craft Show Baltimore 2012..More Than Eye Candy.

The Craft Show is in Baltimore this weekend and it is bigger and better. With over 700 exhibitors, it may be the largest indoor craft show ever. Everywhere you look there is beauty, eye candy, creativity and an excitement listening to the artists.  There was lots of positive energy and people were buying.

I have been going to these shows for many years and way before real estate. Was able to see quite of few artists from previous years and prior posts.

 ACC Craft Show 2012    ACC Craft Show 2012                                                     
                      Baltimore ACC Craft Show ACC Craft Show 2012

 Susan Provda was proud to be featured in The Baltimore Sun. Her specialty is hand made brushes. Take a look at Susan's earring!


                                                  ACC Craft Show 2012 

 Tom Clark has a way with exotic woods. Here is his Ulu knife with holder...a must in any chef's kitchen.

                                                  ACC Craft Show 2012

       Textiles and lots of them. Here is a custom made throw by Loomis.

                                                  ACC Craft Show 2012  

                                                  ACC Craft Show 2012

 Eugene Watson  was delighted to see his hand sculptured jewelry boxes featured on my post about last years show. Another good use of my iPad.

                                                  ACC Craft Show 2012

Chandelier made of wine bottles. Good way to repurpose your glass bottles.

Silk Necklace

I found Susan Sanders and her "Silkworms." These very unusual necklaces are crafted of multiple silk strands and have a hand-made magnetic closure. Put it on and click, you're ready to go.   I own this one-of-a-kind in tones of browns, of course, with gold/bronze threads.

                                                  ACC Craft Show 2012

My favorite clock maker Leonie Lacouette again has her beautiful timepieces on display.

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