Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Go Nowhere Without My Camera!

I Go Nowhere without my camera.

Just read a featured post by Jeff Dowler ... your camera ...a best friend. 

This is especially true in real estate.

                                                  my camera

My camera goes everywhere with me and it is definitely my best friend.  I remember to keep a charger with me at all times.

Just today on a listing appointment, after taking photos of the Baltimore home, my camera was a portable copier. Took a photo of the plat and driver's license so I would have seller's ID in my file.

Then I went to a lecture and took photos of the speaker, her signature to me in her  book and her slide presentation.

After that, it was  out to lunch where I photographed the waitress, the restaurant and, of course, the food. All of the above will be future blogs.

My camera is a  great tool  for the memory. I take a close up of the house numbers and street signs. No forgetting which property the photos belong with.

About a year ago I was thinking about having my camera ready in Baltimore. There was a time when I  made picture words with my camera.

Thanks to Jeff for the inspiration. I go nowhere without my camera!


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