Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maybe the Rome Way is the Right Way

What a lovely way to start the day. Tom, who is a General Contractor writes a really good blog. He writes with humor and facts and we are able to learn so much from this professional's expertise.
Do yourself a favor and follow Tom's  posts. At the very bottom is a list of his recent posts..take a moment to check them out.
Thank you Tom for taking time to share Maybe the Rome Way is the Right Way with ActiveRain!

Via Tom Arstingstall - Dry Rot, Water Damage General Contractor in Sacramento (Dry Rot and Water Damage in Sacramento ):
Maybe the Rome Way is the Right Way
Real Estate Book Rome

As a General Contractor, I find that I can learn from those of you in the Real Estate Industry. This includes publications on how to market your properties, branding yourself, and tech savvy. Many of the things that your industry uses can be applied to other trades, so I like to read about what you do.

Recently, I was reading through a few posts by Margaret Rome and the corresponding comments. I heard Margaret mention something about the “Rome Way”. A little later I read something that she had commented on that mentioned her book, “Real Estate the Right Rome Way”. I like the things that she writes, so I asked where the book could be purchased. In her own “Rome Way”, she said that she would mail me one.

Sure enough, the book arrived in the mail this weekend. As if that weren’t enough, she included a hand-written note inside the front cover. How special is that? The personal touch sure made an impact on me, that is certain. I couldn’t wait to get started. Looking at the Table of Content, there were topics like Type E Personality, Brand Building, Marketing Matters, and much more. This is going to be something that I may be able to apply to my business.

The book appears to be written in a clean, friendly language that a contractor could understand. I’m looking forward to diving in deeper soon.

There was one more thing. Margaret included a business card size magnifier; she must  think that I need help in reading clearly.  J

Thanks Margaret for the book, and an early example of Real Estate the Right Rome Way

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