Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Weltanschauung....Weltan What?

 Before I could write about Weltanschauung, it was necessary to find out what that great big word means. So I did a search  Weltanschauung: the guiding  principles and philosophy of an organization

The very  first principle is important to the way we work and live. It is the spirit of the members. The vast amount of knowledge learned from the various members who are so willing to share when they learn something new. There are members who call each other, who set up webinars, Skype, Joinme etc just to say "look what I figured out and are excited to teach anyone with an interest. This type of giving to others makes us as professional better able to help our clients and our industry.
 How many different ways do you see this special sharing among our members?

"We understand that the value of the ActiveRain community rests entirely with its members. We admire the spirit of real estate professionals and believe our goal is to fully engage their talents and knowledge for the benefit of all members of the real estate community."

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