Monday, March 12, 2012

Kick Butt Listing the Rome Way works!

 Kick Butt Listing the Rome Way works for me!

Being a solo broker and listing agent,  THE MOST AMAZING KICK BUTT LISTING PRESENTATION CONTEST was right up my alley. Since most  listings are from past clients and referrals, I have a steady stream of sellers to choose from and the luxury of interviewing the potential listings to make sure I want to take them on. I love what I do and give so much to each transaction, I need to make sure it is a good partnership.

When I get to the actual listing, there are only 2 questions my sellers  answer.

1.Are you 100% sure you want to sell your home?

2.Are you 100% sure you want to use me?  

If they answer yes to both, a listing agreement is signed. And that would be my actual listing presentation. The End!

However...the judges would all say that is just too short for this contest.

Starting at the beginning...

Information is obtained long before I get to the house. I know who the owners are, what they paid for the house, how much they owe, why they are selling, what they think their home is worth and a list of the improvements made over the years. I give them a list to have ready for me...There is a Lot of Paperwork When Getting Ready to Sell!  

I am a one stop lister.

Being prepared  with all the the homes that are active, under contract and sold in their neighborhood is a must. This information is all on my iPad but I  have hard copies to pass around. We can all add plus and minus signs comparing the comps to their home. 

The benefit of blogging

Potential clients are already aware of my social media presence.

Most questions are answered in one of my 1200 + blogs.

For me, other than the fun of connecting with so many bright and creative minds,  blogging  gets exposure for properties and finds buyers.

Who has the buyers?

Other agents, other people, other real estate professionals, others who are related or connected, friends, family, etc…and not just in my Baltimore area.

Answering Questions..

With my phone interviews and the use of email prior to listing, most questions and concerns can be addressed prior to going on the appointment.   Here are just a few of the articles depending on what questions they pose. There are a myriad of topics...ranging  from reasons to use me, how appointments are made, commission concerns, staying in touch, how a solo broker works and my advertising. Very rarely does a question come up that has not been addressed.  

Listing the Rome Way...Not Just Cloneonials 

How I Use a Waiting List..Making Room for a Better Listing

Are You 100% Sure?

A New HomeRome Listing

Why I Chose Real Estate.

Real estate commissions – you get what you pay for! 

Real Estate Commissions Are Negotiable

Being a Solo Broker With a Team.

When An Ad Is More Than An Advertisement

Can Using Color Help Sell Homes in Baltimore?

Top 10 Reasons to Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome

There is no reason to send a pre-listing package, there is no reason to leave work behind unless it is the signed copy of the agreement. I do leave a copy of my book Real Estate the Rome Way  with a promise to autograph at settlement.

My screen shots are all over my iPad showing my website with all my active listings.


Having a copy of my advertising available is important along with showing similar sold properties and examples of my marketing.

                HomeRome 410-530-2400

 At the bottom left is a Zillow button showing my active listings along with  testimonials.

So with this one post...a Kick Butt Listing the Rome Way works!

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