Saturday, March 03, 2012

A Pikesville Icon...Fields!

A Pikesville Icon...Fields!

At one time most neighborhoods had a pharmacy and a lunch counter. Fields still has the cafe and we  recently enjoyed lunch sitting on a swivel stool at the counter.

The poster on the wall shows the building dating back to 1892.  One hundred twenty years is a long time to be in business. There must be a reason to sustain itself.

Maybe it the milkshakes made from real ice cream in the big stainless steel "glass", maybe it's the consistently good food or maybe it's the friendly service that we have come to expect.

Today Fields is best known for it's extensive makeup counter(the pharmacy is no more) and the homey cafe.

So easy to stop and grab bite, and most times  see someone you know sitting at the counter. If you lived in Colonial  Village at 7014 Deerfield Rd. Pikesville you could walk  to Fields and have an old fashioned cream soda with or without  lunch.


                                                        Fields in Pikesville -HomeRome ....410-530-2400     

                                                                 Cafe Fields

My lunch special consisted of a half sandwich, cup of soup and a salad. There was plenty to eat, presented well, delicious and served by friendly wait staff. When I go back, I will probably order the same exact thing.

    Lunch @ Fields  HomeRome Lunch @ Fields  HomeRome Lunch @ Fields  HomeRome

Fields is located at 1401 Reisterstown Rd. in the heart of Pikesville. They are also famous for  snowballs in Baltimore 

A Pikesville Icon...Fields!

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