Thursday, May 10, 2012

Boot Camp With Bob...Lots of Good Stuff for Bloggers!

  Boot Camp With Bob...Lots of Good Stuff for Bloggers!


Today I took notes while listening to Bob Stewart tell us how to write a first blog or in many cases a next blog. I think I got more out of this session than most newbies.

                            Writing a Blog


One of the new features is allowing a maximum of 70 characters in the title. Notice above there are 17 characters remaining.

When writing a blog decide...who is your audience?  Make the title engaging.

If the blog is for your peers...make it funny or edgy.

If the blog is for consumers...make it for SEO ranking.

His example today was written in  WYSIWYG. 

Just place your curser and start typing! Please make use of paragraphs to separate your wall of words or lack of whitespace.

With only 6 seconds to capture a reader, make it easy to read.

The "shift key" takes you to the next paragraph without a space...not the "enter key". I tried this and it did not work for me.  

Bob emphasized that  content is what matters...not fonts and colors. 

Here is a good way to start.

  • Always write your words FIRST!
  • Place the post in Draft Mode!
  • Save it!
  •  You can go back later to make  changes using the keys to
  1.  italicize
  2.  underline
  3.  strike through
  4.  BOLD
  5.      indent 
      • Bullet
      • add photos
      • spell check

As for adding a link…I do it  the Rome way and it is much easier and it works for me!  May have to write another post about this.

bob stewart
                                                         Bob and Christa

Other notes from Bob's session.


  •   Use vertical and horizontal space.
  •   Grab the corners to re size.
  •   Link photo from your blog.
  •   Wrap text..constrain proportions use left or right..20..20 

-When using Tags, place a comma between each. 

-There  are many  recordings for video tutorials..go check out whatever  you need.

-You can disable your comments but.. why?

-Visibility is Public only if you are a Rainmaker.

-Share content…FB, tweet, google plus. 

-The recording will be in your group within the hour.

Don't forget to sign up for next week’s class. The topic is SEO! Bob thinks this is the most important class!

             Boot Camp With Bob...Lots of Good Stuff for Bloggers!

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