Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh No, I Am Behind in My Comments!

Oh No, I Am Behind in My Comments!

Like so many others on the Rain, I have been wonderfully busy. When you are fortunate to have your listings go under contract, there is  lots to do, including,  but not  limited to, attending the home inspection.

There can be many different inspections including a well yield,  water potability,  testing of the septic system, radon placement and pick up, the termite and other wood boring insects. There might be an oil tank that needs testing, a chimney, mold. lead and many more depending on property.

There are condo documents and Home Owner Associations to deliver because of right to withdraw, without penalty, within 5 days for HOA and 7 days for condominium.

There is staying up with the lender, the title company, the appraiser, the buyers questions, the sellers questions and the other agents questions. There is the Time is of the Essence clause...following up with dates of loan application, commitment letter and all the other dates that are specified in the contract. So now you know why I can say...

Oh No, I Am Behind in My Comments!

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