Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MARGARET ROME Now 25th on the ActiveRain Leaderboard

What a fabulous way to end a wonderfully busy day!
A call from Lynn Friedman letting me know she had a gift for me. The gift is this blog.
An email from Hella telling me about this gift.
...and a lovely conversation with Anna Banana who featured this post in BananaTude.

Thanks for mentioning Elizabeth Weintraub one of my favorite people on AR!
Talk about the holiday spirit of giving...these women epitomize the quality of ActiveRain Members.
Via Lynn B.Friedman 404.939.2727 Atlanta Homes ODAT Realty - CPDE Advanced (lynn@odatrealty.com Se Habla Español):
25th on ActiveRain Leaderboard
Congratulations on your Achievement !!!
Margaret Rome
In what seems like just a short time ago, Margaret Rome was one of the first members of ActiveRain. We have Margaret Rome 25th on ActiveRain Leaderboard now. Margaret recognized the future in blogging, endorsed the blogging concept and dove right into the “Rain pool. Many years of writing landed her in the top 25 members of the ActiveRain Community.
Book cover
Margaret’s position as 25th on the ActiveRain Leaderboard comes from leadership as well as posting.  Margaret invited many others to “swim” with her over the years. She wrote a wonderful book for Agents, Real Estate the Rome Way, containing her philosophy. Want to read it? 
 After buying and reading it, I implemented some of her strategies into my real estate and personal life, that’s for sure. You may want to read the book review written by Elizabeth Weintraub.
                                         Margaret Rome
Lots of time spent for becoming our special Margaret Rome 25th on ActiveRain Leaderboard. Although in 2012 members number over 320,000 (as per the AR home page), our early members continue to lead the way. I encourage you to read through the years of posts Margaret has written. Use the SEARCH bar to find topics that interest you. Listings post in Margaret's own unique fashion. Speaking of unique, Margaret’s idea of an OPEN HOUSE in the Baltimore, Maryland area is more like a special social event. Lots to learn from this wonderful person.

Have a happy day -
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