Thursday, December 20, 2012

WINNERS! Photos Then and Now Contest Results


 Twenty plus years in Real Estate was a fun trip down memory lane.  This was a great idea...thanks to Bryan Robertson for putting this contest together. This took a lot of work and even more time for Bryan, Greg and Leslie to go through so many good entries. I am honored to be chosen.

Go to the original contest  post  and check out all members who participated.


Via Bryan Robertson, Real estate broker Los Altos & Silicon Valley Luxury Homes (Sereno Group):
The winners are all set!  It took a long time to review all these entries and making a final decision was a difficult one.  Personally, I would rather have had a Top 10 Winners list because there were that many to choose from.  You all wrote some great posts and it was a lot of fun looking back on some pretty old photos.  A couple of lessons learned from this contest were:
  • Many agents do make an active effort to update their photos
  • Almost all photos are reasonably recent
  • The stereotype that agents all use "high school photos" is mostly false
First, I'd like to thank my two colleagues for helping out with selecting the winners.  They went through over 200 posts to look at each and every entry before making a short list of candidates.  The other judges were Leslie Ebersole and Greg Nino.

THIRD PLACE WINNER: Christine Bohn's entry Beware, old headshot may scare you
One of my favorite aspects of this post was the side-by-side, three picture montage that showed how her photo changed from 2005-2010.  Hair, clothes, even glasses changed and it gave a great perspective of the style she was evolving into.  Read this post because you'll learn about her first brokerage - shocking!

SECOND PLACE WINNER:  Brenda Mullen's entry My past real estate head shots for your amusement
Brenda is a great blogger and she's very good at telling a story.  Her entry was a great mix of narration, humor, and photos.  She also was nice enough to include links to the photographers who did the work which is a nice little SEO boost (good blogging).  She got bonus points for including a photo of her cards to show the changes between past and current.  Nicely done Brenda!

FIRST PLACE WINNER:  Margaret Rome's entry HomeRome photos then and now
Margaret is one of the top bloggers on Activerain and I think it's because she takes the time to write great stuff.  In this case, it wasn't the writing as much as it was the collection of photos that go back through her past pictures and how she used them in her business.  She showcased 20 years of photos from magazines, business cards, and advertisements.  Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

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