Thursday, July 09, 2009

My Kitchen Burned Down! Baltimore, MD

My "Kitchen" Burned Down! Baltimore, Md

Well not exactly my kitchen, but I think I have eaten more meals in the Suburban House than in my own house or we did until last night. And we almost never get through a meal without seeing a friend or client. It’s just our favorite neighborhood deli and restaurant!

Suburban House SandwichSuburban House PlatterSuburban House Dessert

They make the best omelets (seems like about a dozen eggs), the best chopped salads, and have the best waitress, Mitzu, who knows that when I order a “chop chop” that’s not what it is called on the menu. It is an oriental chicken salad that is finely chopped. They make wonderful matzoh ball soup and sky-high corned beef sandwiches and one of the best steak subs around. If you still have room, their desserts are gorgeous.

But look at what happened at 5:00 pm yesterday: Fire in storage building damages popular Pikesville restaurant. From the news reports, no one was hurt, thank goodness, and about 30 customers and employees got out safely.

Fire Damage - Window Fire Damage

Fire DebrisI couldn't stay away when I heard. I had to see for myself. It was dark but you could still see the damage was massive. The booths were just piles of charred debris, there was water damage, and broken glass everywhere, and the cleaning crew was there boarding up this Pikesville icon known as The Suburban House.

We wish everyone well and hope that they are able to open again soon.

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