Thursday, June 02, 2011

Success Blamed On ActiveRain...What Do THese Four Have in Common?

Success Blamed On ActiveRain...What Do These Four Have in Common?
                                           Stephen, Bridget,Kathleen,Margaret
Glad you asked. All four of us met because of ActiveRain.

Some time ago I wrote a post...Who Says Baltimore, Maryland Condos are Only For the Old Folks? ...a post read by Kathleen who was considering a condo purchase.  Her Google search kept coming up with me and my condo listings. Kathleen said at the settlement table today   "...every time I Googled a condo..Margaret Rome came up."   So she figured I knew something about these properties and decided to call me.

We have been working together since last summer. Actually had an offer on another unit but it was not the right one due to language in the condo bylaws. During this year we have stayed in touch via email, phone calls and Kathleen's use of my IDX site to search properties.

For a while we even looked at single family homes. This was 'tree art' on one of those houses.
                                                                                                 Tree Art ...HomeRome 410-530-2400

In mid March the perfect condo became available! We made an offer and the rest is history..a smoth settlement happened today! Kathleen is really happy to be signing while Stephen explains documents to the seller.
                                                         Settlement...HomeRome 410-530-2400

When we first started working together, I introduced Kathleen to Mortgage Mama aka Bridget McGee  who stayed in touch with Kathleen during this time just to let her know we were both available to help when she was ready.

Trish Thibeault, with O'Conor and Mooney, was a delightful Realtor® to work with. Here she is with Bridget at today's closing.
                                                                      Settlement...HomeRome 410-530-2400

This past April I did a seminar on blogging at GBBR and invited Stephen Cooper. Between the two of us, Bridget and I got Stephen blogging.

He even attended my HomeRome Garden Party on May 4th. To make it a true ActiveRain success we all decided to ask Stephen to do the settlement. His company, American Home Title Group Inc. was started by Stephen's dad.

                                                                                                                Title Company

Success Blamed On ActiveRain...What Do THese Four Have in Common? All four met because of ActiveRain!

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