Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It Was Sunny Last Night in Maryland

There was sunshine and conversation and laughter in Timonium, MD, last evening. The Mays Chapel North office of SunTrust Bank hosted a wine and cheese networking event for real estate agents, and invited me to come talk about my book. SunTrust Mortgage has a dynamo Mortgage Consultant in Sharon Clatterbuck who comes up with all sorts of creative marketing ideas, and she's the one who organized the fun event.

Timonium is north of Baltimore and I don't get up there often, so this was a great opportunity to meet some new people and reconnect with others I haven't seen in a long time. My publisher, Peg Silloway, was with me and enjoyed visiting an area she knows well, having worked nearby for several years.

Cheryl Schaffer, Vice President and Branch Manager, made us feel so welcome, and Cheryl Davis, the Assistant Branch Manager, helped keep the atmosphere upbeat. That was something that really impressed me – in these days of doom and gloom, these bankers were optimistic and outgoing. What a pleasure!

I enjoyed talking with Jesse and Jeri Hannon of RE/MAX Acclaimed Realty, along with other Realtors® and bank and mortgage officers. The most fun was watching Sharon's excitement about Real Estate the Rome Way; at one point she was showing our book order forms in her best Vanna White style.

After the official event was over, we sat around the remaining goodies (delicious cheese, crackers, chocolate!) and chatted for more than an hour. I introduced them to the Type E quiz on my website – we weren't surprised to find out that Sharon is a full mystic Type E like me. It was a fantastic evening, and we left very impressed with the people at that SunTrust office. We're looking forward to seeing them again for a book signing party!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We're Making TRACs in Maryland

It's always nice when someone notices what you're doing. When they blog about it, it's even better! One of TRAC's auction signs for a property in Ellicott City, MD turned up in a non-real estate blog recently.

WordBones wrote:

"Earlier this week, this sign popped up on the corner of New Cut Road and Montgomery Road in Ellicott City. The actual property being auction is on College Avenue, about three miles from this spot. What struck me is that this is an "absolute" auction and that includes real estate and "contents." Many real estate auctions contain a "reserve" price which enables the seller to reject any offer that doesn't meet that reserve price. In theory, any bidder who shows up with the $10,000 needed to bid could walk away with the whole eleven acres and even a "Corvette" for that price. In reality it will likely go for much more but one thing is certain, it will be sold by TRAC Auctions on November 1st. You can get more detail on the offering here."

This is a great example of why signs still do work, and sometimes they lead to more exposure than you expect.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

San Francisco, Here She Comes!

My friend and client, Tatiana, has created quite a stir in the City by the Bay. Traveling from her home in New Mexico to downtown San Francisco, she recently introduced herself and her artwork at Gumps. If you've ever been to this fabulous store – or seen their online presence – you know that having an opportunity to present to this home of fine jewelry and furnishings is quite a coup.

Not only did she make a presentation, but the entire staff of Gumps came in to the store early just to meet and hear from her, and see her art. The icing on this elegant cake? Gumps bought 31 of her pieces. That's about the equivalent of selling a multi-million dollar home to a high-profile celebrity!

Success stories are always fun, but when you know the person and know how much they put into their work, it's even better. I love that she's getting this recognition and success!

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mums and the Morning Sky

It was one of those crisp fall mornings still dark at 6:45 am. As I got out of the car to go in for my workout at Lifebridge, I felt the delightful cool morning air (most people feel that is cold). It was in the 50's, and the sky was magnificent. Not only were the colors rich and glowing, just look at the reflection off the building!

I love these temperatures and Johnny, my personal trainer, even took me outside for half of my exercise. He is very creative and does not allow this Type E person to get bored.

When I returned home, I noticed that the same colors of the sky were greeting me with the beautiful fall colors of the mums and the changing leaves. All this beauty in Baltimore, just going to the gym and right here on my front porch.

Life is good

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