Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name......

Some can even disagree on flowers.

Not too long ago I wrote a post about some pretty flowers and thought  No One Will Disagree With Me On This Subject!

But a couple of commenters let me yellow was not their favorite color. In fact Russel Ray even talked about two stray yellow roses in his garden, He found them  a nuisance and even with weed spray,  could not kill them. I called and suggested he clip those two roses and make a present to someone who might enjoy them. And do it each time those annoying flowers bloomed. Now I wonder if he ever did that.

Then yesterday my Lee, TLH, brought me a bouquet with lots of colors. Rose Bouquet HomeRome RealtySo I thought maybe I can make two different arrangements... one with and one without the yellow ones. Would I then please everyone?

 Here is the whole bouquet in my kitchen sink.

          Here is my first arrangement.Rose Bouquet HomeRome Realty            

And then an arrangement using the yellow ones .
                    Rose Bouquet HomeRome Realty
                                     Guess these are prettier..what do you think?                        

                          Rose Bouquet HomeRome Realty
I happen to like all those colors but do think the one without the yellow is much prettier. In a week they will be gone and I just might be lucky enough to get another bouquet!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.... Halloween in Baltimore

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.... Halloween in Baltimore.

This afternoon while visiting  dear friends and former clients who live across near 7011 Concord Rd. Colonial Village, Pikesville, MD 21208 Single Family Home Under $185,000   I could not help but take a few photos to share with you.

Thinking about going over tomorrow night and taking Brad Andersohn's  suggestion. Did you read his post?  ''... don't forget to do as many tricks as you give out treats. My favorite trick of all is to Dress up as though you are the inanimate Halloween Decor for your lawn. Example: scarecrow, Frankenstein, etc. Be as still as you can. When someone walks by, jump out and scare the heck out of them. (not little children of course) It works every time!"       

This is just some of  the eye candy on their lawn.     

Thought the American Flag was a nice touch.                       
Halloween 2010 HomeRome Realty

                                         Halloween 2010 HomeRome Realty

                                                       Green Eyed "Cutie" Hanging!

             Halloween 2010 HomeRome Realty

 Below reminds me of Lenn Harley's post!
Halloween 2010 HomeRome Realty

                                      Does this guy looked relaxed?    

                                                                                                 The ghosts were dancing, thanks to a blower.                                      
                                                                Halloween 2010 HomeRome Realty

         What is He (or is it a She) grinning about?                Halloween 2010 HomeRome Realty

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.... Halloween in Baltimore        

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sky Blue Pink in Baltimore This Evening!

Sky blue pink has been used by parents when the kids keep asking about naming a color. It was a  “mind your own business”  or "don't bother me" with  an unwanted question. My mother used the term "gribble green" as a  description of some  weird color or it doesn't matter what the  color.

I am suggesting you don't miss the beauty of our colors...they are gone in a flash!

They say there is no such color as sky blue pink...but they just might be wrong. I saw it tonight. Can you see the sky blue pink?

The season is changing but there was  Sky Blue Pink in Baltimore this evening!
sky blue pink Baltimore homerome realty sky blue pink Baltimore HomeRome Realty sky blue pink Baltimore HomeRome Realty
I have been writing about the beauty of our fall colors in Baltimore. Things are Changing in Baltimore!
The trees are vibrant but in a very short time, the leaves are all going to be on the ground.  Are you taking time to enjoy the nature around? Or are you waiting to complain about the raking and the leaf blowing?

Kind of like real estate, there is much to enjoy with our listings, our sales and our successful settlements. Times are fleeting just like the colors an d the leaves.

Please, please take time to enjoy!

                                   Fall 2010 Baltimore HomeRome Realty    Fallen Leaves 2010 Baltimore HomeRome Realty
Very soon these magnificent trees will be naked. I Love Baltimore!
The leaves are already falling.The season is changing but there was  Sky Blue Pink in Baltimore this evening!

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We Won The Lottery...No We Didn't.. Buyers Prepare!

There was a post yesterday by Debe Maxwell Buyer Tips: Must-Haves, Wants and Don't-Really-Needs that  reminds me  how I work with a buyer.

Yeah yeah you all know I am a listing agent but... sometimes my sellers also need to purchase and so do their friends and family. It is hard to turn down an occasional buyer, especially when I think of them as "future listings"! 

To prepare buyers, I have them make two lists..the first...  as though they hit the lottery, they have an unlimited budget  and money is no object.Wish I May, Wish I Might.. I Have The Buyer!

Put everything on that list that you have ever wanted or dreamed of. While you are at it get the kids involved...make it a family fun project. Have couples do their lists separate and compare. This makes a good get together evening. And it has everyone participating in the adventure of finding the perfect home.
                                                                we won the lottery

And now for the second guessed it!   Uh Oh.....oops we were one number off on that ticket and we did not win the lottery ! So.. it is back to reality.
                                                                Did not win...HomeRome Realty
Most people are quite realistic doing this exercise. They  start with the number of bedrooms, the preferred location, proximity to work, specific school system and style. They may have strong feelings about the type of heat, public utilites, flooring, lot size, garage, fireplace, finished basement, size of the kitchen, appliances, finishes, storage needs, condition and the many other choices that go into finding the perfect house.

What are the  must-haves from that first list?  It works and it is a fun project and gets them involved in the buying process.

At settlement I have pulled this list out to see how many of the items were achieved.
It has run the gamut from getting everything to nothing on the list.

One couple wanted a modern contemporary home in a county location that was energy efficient and totally updated. They fell in love and bought a historic home in the city without air conditioning and original windows. They are ecstatic in their new home.

We all have to be flexible but we have to start somewhere.  This is how I start:
We Won The Lottery...No We Didn't...Buyers Prepare!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If Selling by Committee...You Have To Be the Conductor

                                               Baltimore Fall 2010 HomeRome Realty

Have you ever sold real estate by committee? Have you ever done a transaction by committee? You just might say: What is she talking about now?

The property has been on the market and we now have an offer.  The seller starts receiving advice from others. These can include grown children and their spouses, in laws, siblings, grandchildren and their spouses, nieces, nephews, best friends, neighbors, ex-wives, beauticians, gardeners and their spouses, house keepers etc...OK so I am exaggerating a bit but you get the point.

These are the people who I refer to as "the committee". Think about how your own family makes major decisions. Even though this seller has full title to the property, without legal or financial need, they may feel insecure with everyone voicing concerns.
Selling by Committee...You Have To Be the Conductor                          
Marin Alsop Baltimore Symphony ConductorMarin Alsop from the Washington Post

If You Are  Selling by Committee...You Have To Be the Conductor. Why? Because everyone has their own opinion tune to share.  They want to be helpful with the decision.  This committee can get in the way or can be quite beneficial.  Don't be surprised when one  is in a real estate related field, a lender, financial adviser, appraiser, former real estate agent or one who has taken the real estate course.  Each may want to help by reviewing the offer.

Because not all family members get along, not all committees can come to a conclusion.(Remember the camel was created by  committee trying to make a horse)  Who really is the decision maker..who is the one who gives final permission to go ahead and sign?

Instead of trying to field the objections and concerns through the seller, ask to speak directly to that member. So many transactions can go smoothly if this step is not bypassed.  A quick phone call, an email, a text can clear up questions before you go back to the buyer's agent. Keep the buyer's agent in the loop explaining that the family is having a meeting and are discussing the offer.

How you, the listing agent, handle this will make or break the deal. You become the spokesperson for the committee. Make sure you are listening to everyone. Make sure the seller is the one who makes the final decision.

If Selling by Committee...You Have To Be the Conductor

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Say what you mean, mean what you say also goes for writing! Thank You BofA !

You might want to read this first  CHECKS and BALANCES

So I get this little postcard in the mail, actually two, from Bank of America asking me to fill out a survey about an overdraft! Taking a better look, realized, this was serious! Instead of writing a check for 4,500 I had written one for 45,000. The numbers were correct the word was not..and guess what they(the bank) go by the written word. So if you mean a hundred, don't write a thousand. OOPS!! And the check was written to the IRS. Now how am I going to get it back?

Into my local BofA branch I go and  was greeted by Nancy Harter, a bank officer, with a delightful kind and understanding personality. I show her my cards and the copy of the OOPS check.

Say what you mean, mean what you say also goes for writing! Thank You BofA !
Within seconds, Nancy was in the bank's computer, I hear a sigh of relief. "Oh thank goodness, we stopped payment on that check!" And then another sigh of relief..this time from me!

So what could have been a nightmare, trying to get the funds back from the government, is a simple reissue of a check for the correct written amount. I will also put a copy of the OOPS check in with an explantion.

             Bank of America Nancy Harter  Bank of America HomeRome Realty
Thank you Nancy for your kindness, your  efficiency and your  personal service!
Say what you mean, mean what you say also goes for writing!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Is Print Advertising For the Birds?

Is Print Advertising For the Birds?

                                                                           Blue Jay

 My recent post received over 90 comments  So forget print advertising ?.... NOT at this time  .  

                                          Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome
The following comment is an example that reminded me of Insanity  " After thousands spent over the past five years - I stopped doing print.  It was bringing in way too few people and I had not closed a single sale from them in five years...." 

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Why would anyone spend several months without results, let alone FIVE years?  Maybe it was the wrong print media. How many other types of print were tried before writing off  all advertising that was not internet based?

It has taken  many years throughout my real estate career  to continually come  up with the right combination of print media, internet marketing and.. The Main Reason to Blog...Get My Listings SOLD! 

When something is not working, I stop and try another.
Here are two statements about advertising:
1-  I have an unlimited budget for advertising that works.
2- By the time you can AFFORD to advertise, you no longer need it!

Another commenter states "Print does nothing here other than make the Seller, who does not know better, happy and make the vendor a bit of money

What an interesting comment to make about the entire print media. Putting an ad or two in the local homes magazine and saying, print advertising does not work because no "good" calls were received might be

Why Advertising is For the Birds in Baltimore



Sunday, October 24, 2010

Things are Changing in Baltimore!

A few weeks ago A Different Kind of Turning Around  led me to these beautiful flowers on the left. The photo on the right is how they are looking today, still pretty but they have changed to a different kind of beauty. This time of year the change is more notable but  in a matter if days, these colors will be only a memory.

Things are changing in Baltimore!

            Fall in Baltimore HomeRome Realty Fall In Baltimore HomeRome Realty

Inspired by Richard's post  Savor what is fleeting! Tomorrow might be another day but it may also be too late!
I took these photos at my own home...did not have to travel 1000 miles. How lucky am I?
            Fall colors 2010 in Baltimore HomeRome Realty Fall colors 2010 in Baltimore HomeRome Realty

Fall colors 2010 in Baltimore HomeRome Realty  Fall colors 2010 in Baltimore HomeRome Realty Fall colors 2010 in Baltimore HomeRome Realty

                                 Fall colors 2010 in Baltimore HomeRome Realty  Fall colors 2010 in Baltimore HomeRome Realty
Take time to notice the changes, take time to share the changes. Don't be caught up in the should have, could have, didn't.

Go out an embrace the changes in the season, in our real estate career and in our lives.
Things are changing in Baltimore!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

No One Will Disagree With Me On This Subject!

Today I received flowers and  I bet  no one will disagree... they are just beautiful. The arrangement looks  good on my coffee table. He Did it Again! I love them both... the roses and TLH!

But yesterday's post about my print advertising did not have everyone agreeing. Take a look...within 24 hours, there were 75 comments on this feature   So forget print advertising ?.... NOT at this time.

Phil Faranda made this comment.. "Margaret- do what works. If I got results from hiring a town crier or taping my card to the inside of men's room stalls, I'd do it.If print ads are working for you, do print ads." Phil had written a featured post with an exact opposite view.

Thanks to Praful Thakkar for reblogging both posts.

              Pretty roses HomeRome Realty       Yellow Roses HomeRome Realty
These roses are beautiful and I bet no one will will disagree with me on this subject!

Is it our  goal  to write only posts that will get the reaction.."these are pretty flowers"

No One Will Disagree With Me On This Subject! Yes, of course, the flowers are beautiful. If all my writing was to have everyone agree with me, how would I have the chance to teach from my experience? How would I share ideas that have been a success? ....even when others have tried to convince me of what does not work!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

So forget print advertising ?.... NOT at this time.

So forget print advertising ?.... NOT at this time.

Internet Advertising Only? ..... I Think Not !    
                  Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome
Call me old-fashioned, but I do both print media and Internet advertising. I know that not everyone who buys a house - or who is helping someone look for a house - is in their 30's. There is another generation and they do read newspapers, and they do need print ads. This generation includes people with lots of disposable income who are looking for nice homes. It also includes people with children and grandchildren who may need a new home, and these parents have time to help their kids with the search.

Knowing the market, taking the time to listen and learn about the client's needs, working my wide network of connections and resources, investing my time and talent in each transaction, and yes, placing ads in all appropriate media is what  sells houses. Sure, you can Google me and my properties anytime. I'm there. In the page above, there are many references to get readers to the internet. Just counted 22 times that my website or email are mentioned.

The full-service commission that I receive pays for my print media, for my Internet ads and for the many hours of my time. It is recognition that I apply all my knowledge,marketing  skill and experience to getting the best price for the home. This advertising also keeps my name and face in front of the public and keeps a future waiting list of sellers.

So forget print advertising ?.... NOT at this time.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

REALTOR Fair at GBBR today...CE credits...good friends...networking.

It Was a Good Day at GBBR today...CE credits...good friends...networking.

                               GBBR Realtor Fair 2010

Martin's West ...GBBR Realtor Fair. GBBR REALTOR Fair in Baltimore Thursday October 21st!

I took two really good classes that are highlighted in the program book. Bob Kimball  and Tom Drechsler were the instructors..both outstanding speakers since the subjects are not known for being especially exciting.
            CE Classes at GBBR HomeRome Realty  Realtor Fair 2010 at GBBR HomeRome Realty
And there were so many friends and colleagues  at The way could I name them all  but I did take a bunch of photos to share with you.
Below are Alyse & Seth Dailey who is  a CyberStar that I met a few weeks ago.
Tom Drechsler -Attorney/Speaker
Helen Delheim,my friend/ Attorney/Associate Broker with  Bob Kimball-Speaker

Realtor Fair 2010 at GBBR HomeRome Realty  Realtor Fair 2010 at GBBR HomeRome Realty   Realtor Fair 2010 at GBBR HomeRome Realty

Next row is June Piper-Brandon  who is on AR, Roz Johnson-Broker/Owner Sales Force Realty with Seth Dailey and there is Bridget McGee aka Mortgage Mama, Joe Lancaster-Broker/Owner Lancaster Realty and Margaret Rome
Realtor Fair 2010 at GBBR HomeRome Realty  Realtor Fair 2010 at GBBR HomeRome Realty  Realtor Fair 2010 at GBBR HomeRome Realty
Alyse Dailey, Mary Zimmerman and Lane Chaisson. (Lane was the Remax buyer agent on one of my listings this past year. She is the ultimate professional)
Pretty girl with Don Kyle-"MR. IS"                                                                                                                                          
  Holly Liberto and Chris Davis,CEO , always with a smile, with GBBR Federal Credit Union.

GBBR Realtor Fair 2010 HomeRome Realty  GBBR Realtor Fair 2010 HomeRome Realty  GBBR Realtor Fair 2010 HomeRome Realty

Kim Jones, Keller Williams, started the GBBR Rookie Realtor Society. Check out her classes on the 3rd Thursday of each month.                                                                                        
      GBBR Realtor Fair 2010 HomeRome Realty
Where ever there are REALTORS.. there is food and it was pretty and plentiful.
                                              GBBR Realtor Fair 2010 HomeRome Realty

It Was a Good Day at GBBR today...CE credits...good friends...networking.

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