Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Delicious Peruvian Lunch

A Delicious Peruvian Lunch

And a Delightful Day in Baltimore.

Three friends all Realtors® got together for lunch. But this time it was not at one of Baltimore's many restaurants. This one was even more special... a homemade gourmet meal with lots of conversation and friendship.

We started lunch at 12:30 and before we knew it... already after 4PM.

Where did this time go? No phones, no iPad just 3 friends enjoying each other.

Peruvian lunch

  Margie invited us for a homemade Peruvian lunch. The food was delicious and served with style. The main dish was Aji de Gallina which is a traditional spicy Peruvian chicken stew  served over slices of potato and garnished with hard boiled eggs and Peruvian olives.

  A colorful salad, bright green broccoli, and rice... rounded out this tasty gourmet meal.


I just had to add that tiny purple orchid pedal for color.

After all it is Raven's Super Bowl week.  Will you join me at my

Pre Super Bowl Open House where Ray Lewis once lived?



Peruvian art


Margie has a warm, inviting, well orginized home filled with art and family treasures.  Above is a tiny sample of her collection.

A Delicious Peruvian Lunch

And a Delightful Day in Baltimore.

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Another HomeRome Listing Sold and Settled

Another HomeRome Listing Sold and Settled

Eleven Slade Co-op in Baltimore County!


 21208 Pikesville, Maryland

11 Slade Avenue #802

 Baltimore, Maryland 21208

Eleven Slade Cooperative
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom

11 Slade Coop  HomeRome 410-530-2400

This bright and spacious one bedroom on the eighth floor of this luxury high rise co-op is sold and settled.

We found the right buyers for this cooperative unit with wide windows allowing lots of light and tree top views from the kitchen, den and dining room.

 The monthly co-op fee includes central air conditioning, heat, water, cable TV, valet parking, elevator and TAXES! 

 This is the ultimate in carefree living in a Full Service Building.

Baltimore County location.

If you want SOLD on your home

Call Margaret Rome


Another HomeRome Listing Sold and Settled at 11 Slade Coop


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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Margaret Rome-Baltimore Listing Agent and All Around Great Gal!

IF there is any question about why I am on ActiveRain or why I blog each day... read this beautiful testimonial by Bridget McGee.
We have been brought together not only as business associates but also as friends.
We understand and share the business challenges. We make it fun. We share the ups and downs. We are involved with what's going on in our clients lives. Neither one of us can figure out how there is time for any of this.
Via Bridget McGee, Maryland Mortgage Mama (CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc. 410-960-2061):
Margaret Rome-Baltimore Listing Agent and All Around Great Gal!

“I don’t need a lender, I am a listing agent.”
Those were some of the first words Margaret spoke to me.  I was new to ActiveRain and cold-calling Realtors.  I am sure my “pitch” went something like this.
Hi, I work with a mortgage broker (we are no longer with a broker, we are now a lender) in Baltimore and my brother (I was a processor and marketer back then) does a really good job for his clients and we would like to see if we could work with you.  We offer great rates and great service (Gee, bet she never heard that before!)  Looking back, I deserved the gentle brush-off she gave me.
In March of 2010, Margaret (Realtor Magazine's Open House Master) held the first ActiveRain Open House.  Thanks to ActiveRain, I had met Dr. Stacey Anne Baugh for lunch a few months prior.  We hit it off and began working together.  Stacey suggested we meet at the Open House.  I donned my Mortgage Mama pin and headed to Baltimore's Greenspring Valley.  I figured it would be great to catch up with Stacey and it would be nice to meet some of the folks I have been reading in person.
I introduced myself to Margaret Rome and Lenn Harley (Active Rain legend!) and met some other amazing folks that have since become an important part of my life and my business.  It really was a social event.  I did hand out my card, but I was really there just to check out what this was all about.  Margaret was so warm and welcoming.  She obviously knew how to bring people together. That first meetup, for me, was really the beginning of my embracing my inner Mortgage Mama.  
Flash forward about 3 months later, after Stacey had written a glowing post about a transaction we had just worked on together, Margaret reached out to me by phone, congratulating me on such a wonderful write-up.  She remembered meeting me at her Open House and wanted to ensure that I was the one known as Mortgage Mama. I still have that message saved on my phone.  THAT was the moment I truly embraced who I am, Maryland Mortgage Mama.
I called Margaret back to thank her for her kind message and to tell her how much it meant to be recognized by the lovely Dr. Stacey and by THE Margaret Rome.  Ever humble, she talked about how wonderful and special Dr. Stacey Anne Baugh is (she is, she really is!).  After a few minutes, Margaret mentioned that she might have a buyer for me to talk to, they had inquired about a short-sale listing she had and they needed to be pre-qualifed.   Based on her conversation with them, she knew they might be challenging buyers, but she was hoping we could work it out.   We did.   That settlement was a tough one. Even though Margaret had negotiated a contract that worked best for both buyer and seller and the short sale approval came in days, not months, it was very emotional.   The sellers were short selling their unique family home due to both the economy and health issues.  Margaret expertly handled both excited buyer and mourning seller with such kindness and compassion, I was duly impressed! 

Looking for a lender in baltimore

Since that time, there have been many more meet-ups, many more transactions. My relationship with Margaret has grown from Realtor/Lender to a close friendship. 

Looking for a loan officer in Baltimore

She has offered me sage advice over the years.  One day I was lamenting a contentious buyer (not one of Margaret’s, her folks have been wonderful!) who after low-balling many and walking away from 2 ratified contracts, was still expecting me to ask how high when she said jump. Margaret said, “When the horse is dead, dismount”.  Not long after, I let that “shopper” go and a huge weight was lifted. That 6 word sentence has served me well.

Margaret thinks outside of the box, she is a master of marketing.  She embodies the ACTIVE in ActiveRain, inviting many local realtors new and “seasoned” into the ActiveRain fold.  She not only posts daily and offers thoughtful comments(over a million points),  Margaret has reached out to so many here on ActiveRain  personally. She reaches out by phone to have real, honest to goodness conversations. 
Margaret is one of the first to step up when there is a call for an ActiveRain Meetup, and each one has been a success.  The meetups are about new and old FRIENDS gathering to talk real estate, life and love. She doesn’t only talk to folks who might refer her business, she reaches out to connect.  She provides guidance. When someone posts a comment that might be taken differently than meant (or even if taken correctly!), she may suggests another way.  She checks in to offer condolences, when a loved one has passed away.  She offers encouragement to the newbies.   She is even helping my friend’s song “LOUD, PROUD and PURPLE” get as wide an audience as possible.  (see the video at the end of this post.)
She conducts training classes at the Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors .  
Looking for a listing agent in Baltimore

She wrote a book (Real Estate the Rome Way). I would highly recommend this easy read.  Margaret shares of herself and tells it like it is!

She just took over a radio show on WCBM called “All About Real Estate.”  On her show, Margaret’s goal is to educate and to share.  She is encouraging folks who share her passion for real estate to call in, share their listings or their buyer needs. 
She is ready to answer questions or she will find the answer!

Like many of you reading this, I don’t know how she finds the time to do all she does. 

Margaret is the energizer bunny, starting her day at the gym and ending it…well, I am not sure when she ends…I just know that I have seen her post on ActiveRain at O dark thirty!  Once when wishing her TGIF, she said, “Whoopee, only 2 more working days til Monday!”   
Some folks believe she must have more hours in a day than anyone else, nope.  Or…maybe she doesn’t need sleep!  Or…she must not like her husband or her family…nope, try again.  Her life must be all wine and roses….nope, although she does take time to stop and smell the roses! She can’t have a life outside of real estate…nope, not that either, she has an active social life. 
Margaret does what works, and she does it well. 

She doesn’t try to SELL the buyer to any home that is available. She blogs, places ads in the paper, and online, and will send mailers to specific neighborhoods her buyers are interested in, when needed.  She will not stop until they have found the RIGHT home at the RIGHT price, some call her a Fairy Godmother!  When Margaret works with buyers, she guides them and educates them, after all, her buyers are future sellers.
As a listing agent, Margaret won't take on a property until she makes sure the sellers are 100% sure they are ready to sell and ready to work with her.  She advises them, finds needed resources and makes the process a smooth one.  For her listing clients, she doesn’t just stick a sign in the yard and put it on the Multiple Listing Service and hope for a buyer.  She finds ways to get as many eyes on her listing as she can.  She even holds impromptu open houses!  She gets most of her listings sold very quickly, sometimes even quicker than a seller expects.    If you are using Margaret as your listing agent, you need to be prepared to see “TOO LATE” on your advertising!
Margaret Rome surrounds herself with professionals who are like-minded, keeping the client’s needs first!
Margaret Rome is soft-spoken but a tough negotiator. 
Margaret Rome makes things happen. 
Margaret Rome conducts her business with integrity
Looking for a lender in baltimore

On top of all that Margaret never fails to ask about my daughter (Miss Margaret happens to be one of Sydney’s favorite people) and the rest of my family. 
Margaret Rome cares, about  people, not just about business.

I am honored to give this endorsement of my friend and business associate Margaret Rome.  I was sure that she would have already had several requests for the OK to write about her, but like the prettiest girl in school sitting home on prom night, she hadn’t been asked (so far). 
I will be forever grateful to ActiveRain for introducing me to great folks like Margaret Rome.  I am more grateful to get the chance to share my experience with Margaret with you.  If you don’t know Margaret, you are missing out here in the Rain.  Subscribe to her, reach out to her, you will be glad you did.  Take some time to read her past posts (there are a ton of them), I promise you will become better at your job, better at blogging and a probably a better person!
If you have someone who you’d like to endorse here in the Rain, check in with them, you might be as surprised as I was.  Don’t let them miss the prom!

Warm Regards,
Bridget McGee  Maryland Mortgage Mama  NMLS# 196068  CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc.   410-960-2061 EHO or
If you are considering purchasing a home in Maryland and want to be sure you are mortgage ready, my brother Tony and I will be happy to help! We help to make the mortgage process a pleasure!
If you already own your home, we are happy to provide a no-cost mortgage review to help you to determine if refinancing may be in your best interest.  Please contact me at 410-960-2061.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another HomeRome Listing Sold and Settled Today

Another HomeRome Listing Sold and Settled Today

3003 Northbrook Rd 21209

 This four level split, located in Pickwick Baltimore County, found the lucky buyer and the house was sold and went to settlement today.

Pickwick HomeRome 410-530-2400


Makai helped sell the house.


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Using Too Late and Sold ... Advertising the Rome Way 


 This four level split, located in Pickwick Baltimore County, found the lucky buyer and the house was sold and went to settlement today.

If you would like 'SOLD' on your home call Margaret Rome.

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Another HomeRome Listing Sold and Settled today

Too Late

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Monday, January 28, 2013

A Tiny Bit of Precipitation

A Tiny Bit of Precipitation

 Baltimore Light Snow

A Tiny Bit of Precipitation
My day was fully booked with not enough hours to accomplish everything.  But then Baltimore has  A Tiny Bit of Precipitation...just a little bit of drizzle. The temperature below 32 degrees.
And we all know what happens at that point. Schools close, traffic accidents and delays all over town. 
Because of this iffy weather....I did not go gym this morning,  I did not attend the home inspection on my 7 acre farm located at 1930 Jordans Retreat in

  Carroll County and I did not  meet the appraiser.

 I just emailed my packet to the seller to print out and hand to him.
I had some wonderful extra hours in my day. All because of....

A Tiny Bit of Precipitation

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pre Super Bowl Open House Will Be Loud Proud and Purple

 Pre Super Bowl Open House Will Be Loud Proud and Purple

Sunday 3-4 PM
12325 Falls Road 21030

I really enjoy doing unusual Open Houses...Opens that bring attention to the property like this Realtor Magazine Open House

12325 Falls Road is where 'The" Ray Lewis Lived 


  Check out this video produced by Bridget McGee aka Mortgage Mama. Her friend and neighbor, Joe Matthews, wrote and performed this anthem for the Baltimore Ravens. Careful, you might find yourself humming this tune.



 A Baltimore Ravens Anthem.




Will you join us at the Pre Super Bowl OPEN HOUSE on Sunday February 3rd at 3:00PM?

 June Piper-Brandon has graciously offered to make her award winning chili for the party. The seller is going to "purple balloon" the house.

 Pre Super Bowl Open House Party
Sunday 3-4 PM
12325 Falls Road 21030
Pre Super Bowl Open House Will Be Loud Proud and Purple!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

What Question Would You Ask a Recent Seller?


Hosting the radio show All About Real Estate on Sundays at 12 Noon, my topic this week will be:

What Question Would You Ask a Recent Seller?


Custom Rancher in Baltimore County

What Question Would You Ask a Recent Seller?

This Listing in Hernwood Heights Sold Recently


The radio audience will have a chance to ask questions about the  selling process.

Let me know what question you would ask of a recent seller. Please leave a comment below, call me, or call in live on Sunday.

If your question is used on air, I will mention you and your company.



What Question Would You Ask a Recent Seller?

All About Real Estate Margaret Rome

Tune into your radio

 WCBM 680 AM or Listen to 

What Question Would You Ask a Recent Seller?
You are invited to listen Sunday at 12 noon January 20, 2013.

Call in Number is 410-922-6680

All About Real Estate

Live Radio With Margaret Rome Sunday at Noon!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Another HomeRome Listing... Sold and Settled

Another HomeRome Listing... Sold and Settled

Too Late
3703 Clarinth Rd HomeRome 410-530-2400
Front and rear porch, slate roof, level back yard and a one car garage!

Baltimore Stone Home 410.530.2400
Large rooms throughout have hardwood floors under the carpeting.
Separate dining room and fireplace in the spacious living room. Eat in kitchen with door to back porch.
Three bedrooms upstairs and two full baths. Lower level recreation room has a wood burning fireplace and another full bath.

Using Too Late and Sold ... Advertising the Rome Way

 If you want SOLD on your home, call Margaret Rome

Another HomeRome Listing... Sold and Settled.


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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ray Lewis Actually Lived In This House!

Ray Lewis Actually Lived In This House!

If you hurry, you could be living here and watching the Super Bowl!

Ray Lewis Lived Here

Baltimore Ravens Are Going To The Super Bowl


Would you like to own a piece of Baltimore History?

This sprawling stone and Cedar Rancher was home to Ray Lewis for over a year. What better time to get the word out about this special home located at 12325 Falls Rd 21030.

If you hurry, you could be living here and watching the SuperBowl.

Ravens Are Going To The Super Bowl

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration 2013

 Inauguration 2013

Watching the Inauguration on TV today, I was able to capture some photos. Think I had a better view than a million plus people in Washington.

2013 Inauguration

Inauguration 2013

Watching the Inauguration on TV today, I was able to capture some photos. Think I had a better view than those million plus people that were in DC. 

MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY Atlanta January 21 2013 Inauguration Wash DC

Inauguration 2013

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Answer The Phone, Answer The Question

Answer The Phone, Answer The Question



Some buyers just want specific questions answered. They are not ready to  volunteer anything about themselves.


Answer your phone!

I always give the information and ask if they want more details. It is easier to find out about the caller with a give and take dialogue.


Caller  "How much is the house and how many bedrooms?"

Answer "The price is $9,000,944.00 and has 17 bedrooms. Is that large enough? "

Caller "How big is the master bedroom?"

Answer "30' x 45...Would you like the sizes of the other 16?"

Caller "How long has it been on the market?"

Answer " A little longer than forever. They are not in a hurry. When will you be ready to move?"

Many times the potential buyer is more at ease and willing to share their needs.


Many years ago, when looking for a home, I would  inquire about the price or number of bedrooms.

Immediately the barrage started. The agent would ask for my social security number, my firstborn's name and who I was related to....well maybe it wasn't that bad, but you get the idea. 

I vowed when entering real estate I would just give requested information.


Answer the  phone, Answer The Question


Search All Active Listings

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baltimore Ravens Are Going To The Super Bowl

  Baltimore Ravens Are Going To The Super Bowl

The score Ravens 28 and Patriots 13. You know what that means?

Our Baltimore Ravens Are Going To The Super Bowl

ravens quarterback


The coach of the Ravens, John Harbaugh and the coach of the 49ers, Jim Harbaugh, are brothers. Their teams will be meeting on February 3rd.  This will be a  first for the NFL and Super Bowl XLVII

As proud parents of these two men, who do they  root for?

The score Ravens 28 and Patriots 13. You know what that means?

Our Baltimore Ravens Are Going To The Super Bowl


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Friday, January 18, 2013

Another place to sign a contract in Baltimore.

Another place to sign a contract in Baltimore.

There have been some unusual places where I have gotten signatures on   contracts.  There have been many different restaurants, a bowling alley, houses of worship, hotel lobbies, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, front porch steps, airports, in my car, at a stadium, and today

I added one Lexus Dealership.

                                                                               Lexus Logo

Had a really busy schedule and my car was overdue for service.

Sure, I could have gotten a loaner but instead had the seller meet me at the dealership. It was actually close to her house.  Easy, quick, lots of room, privacy and no time was wasted.

I've signed contracts in some strange places over the years.

Where is the most unusual place you have gotten a contract signed?

 Another place to sign a contract in Baltimore.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Special Service And A New Brown Case

Special Service And A New Brown Case

I like to wear my phone on my waist and the best case for my needs has a magnetic closure and fits horizontal  on my belt.  Not too long ago, my phone was shattered when I took a fall.

It was definitely time for a new case.

a bunch of phone cases

Not Driven But Definitely The Driver.At the Towson Town Mall this week, I stopped at Cellairis, which sells mobile accessories.

I was "just looking" when Charanjit  asked to see my phone. He was so helpful finding me the right replacement case. He tried quite a few and realized I had a specific need was picky. He left me alone and ran to another location, bringing other items for me to try.

Oh how I appreciate this special service.

Because of this kind gentleman, I now have a new leather case and a protective cover that looks like wood... both in  my favorite color.

Do you have an example of special service?

Special Service And A New Brown Case




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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Not Driven But Definitely The Driver

 Not Driven But Definitely The Driver

Barbara's post  Are You Really me thinking.

I am not driven but I am definitely the driver.

Driver's seat

Always looking for a way to get my properties sold.

It could be a new way, an old way or a better way.

Advertising and marketing  come in so many different forms.

 Find out what works. Nothing works all the time and unusual properties require doing a variety of things. Some require a lot of time, some a lot a patience and some an outlay of money.

Writing copy, use of the internet, proper information in the MLS, keeping print media updated and a multitude of blogs can all draw attention to the house.

Sharing  technology or getting a listing or making my own appointments or the use of Lockboxes or finding a property for a specific buyer or talking about a reverse contingency, are all ways of getting noticed and in return getting exposure for my listings.

Letting the public know the benefits of the the community, talking to other agents, teaching, being the neighborhood expert, networking, writing a book and even having a my own radio show, proves that I am

Not Driven But Definitely The Driver.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Purple Balloons A Raven's Win

 Purple Balloons A Raven's Win

Even when it looks like it is over...Never Give Up

 Go for the dream even when others don't have confidence in you.

 Saturday's Playoff game score ... Baltimore  Ravens 38  Denver Broncos 35.


Ravens Win HomeRome 410-530-2400


The fun was texting with Carra Riley who was in Denver. Notice her daughter's cast with Bronco colors.

Bronco cast
Carra's daughter wearing a Bronco cast! Here's to a speedy recovery!

Another kind of WIN

There were five ties during the game and each time we would text "new game." Each team had the same chance to start over. 

 Next week Ravens play the Patriots. Who will be texting?

  Purple Balloons A Raven's Win

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Finding Time To Blog

Finding Time To Blog


When speaking with clients, agents and other professionals ..I am frequently asked..

How do you find time to blog?

Here are a few of my responses

  • 'Gee you look really nice, great looking outfit. How did you have time to put yourself together for this appointment?'

  • 'Your hair looks great, when did you have time to go to the salon?'

  • 'Did you take a shower today? How did you make time?' 

  • 'You ate today. When did you find time?'

  • 'Gas in your car?

 You get the idea. After a few questions and a bit of laughing my point is made.

You make time for what is important!

As mentioned on page 15 of my book  Real Estate the Rome Way  .... WIN is an  important acronym that works to focus my concentration.

It stands for What's Important Now. The more you use these three words, the more you understand the power of What's Important Now?

WIN is how I am

Finding Time To Blog

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Going The Extra Mile For A Seller With The Help Of An Active Rain Friend

It was a pleasure having Martha calling in and being part of the radio show today. I really like her unique listing and her sellers are a delight.
Hope this fabulous home finds the right buyer soon.
Via Martha Brown Annapolis & Anne Arundel County (Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc):
Going The Extra Mile For A Seller With The Help Of An Active Rain Friend

AR FriendsOver my time here I have read many posts about how the friendships we gather here in the Rain have helped us in so many ways. From sharing to caring our Active Rain friends have been there through it all. Today I experienced an even more amazing outcome of a friendship that began here in the Rain.

Many of you know of Margaret Rome here in the Rain.She is one of our great Ambassadors and a friend to many all across our great real estate land. Well she is hosting a talk radio show called 'All About Real Estate' in Baltimore and she invited me to call in to discuss my beautiful log home in Pasadena. I was a nervous wreck but knew I needed to do this if I was going to go the extra mile for my Sellers. I took a deep breath and called in. I should have known that with Margaret on the other end it was going to be a pleasant and enjoyable few minutes .

I can almost guarantee, no I can guarantee, that I would have never met Margaret Rome if it had not been for being here on Active Rain. And I would have never known about this incredible opportunity to call in about my listing on a talk radio show in Baltimore if it had not been for Margaret Rome. After all Baltimore is not my market area

Today Active Rain and Margaret Rome brought 2 agents, from 2 different market areas, together for one common goal; To go that extra mile for one of our sellers. Where else could that have happened other than here on Active Rain?

Thank You Margaret Rome and Thank You Active Rain!!

Going The Extra Mile For A Seller With The Help Of  An Active Rain Friend

About the Author- Martha Brown is a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) whose passion is homes in the Annapolis MD area and surrounding communities. As a 3rd generation Annapolitan she writes about her experiences in and out of the real estate market. Martha has been a local Realtor(R) since 1992 of which all have been associated with Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc., the largest independently owned real estate company in the Mid Atlantic.
Martha would love to hear from you so give her a call any time. Sharing her Annapolis MD area expertise is her passion.  You can reach Martha at 410-440-7839 (cell) or 410-260-1800 (ofc)
Martha Brown Realtor
Bringing 'Peace of Mind' to Your Real Estate Transaction
All Photographs and/or written material and content produced by Martha Brown. All Rights Reserved and may not be reproduced or reprinted without express written permission of
Every effort has been made to assure that the information in this blog is as accurate as possible. Martha Brown of Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. disclaims any implied warranty or representation about it's accuracy, completeness or appropriateness for any particular purpose. This includes but is not limited to any information provided by third parties which is accessed through this blog via a hyperlink.

Find Martha Brown on Google+

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Busy Talk Radio Show With Lots of Callers

Busy Talk Radio Show With Lots of Callers

It was Sunday and it was 12 Noon and we had a busy radio show.

All About Real Estate

Here are examples of some of the call-in topics.

  • A buyer with a delayed settlement still in underwriting.

  • A mother calling for her daughter who is a teacher and first time buyer. 

  • A cash buyer concerned  about closing costs.

  • A buyer with "bad credit" wanting to purchase a small house.

  • There was even one caller wanting to talk politics. I reminded him this show was called All About Real Estate for a reason.

 The listening audience is looking for help with their real estate needs. Buyers, sellers and real estate professionals are welcome to call in on Sunday.

Callers make the show and two special friends called in today.

The first was a seller talking about his vacation condo for sale in Whitetail and is  Only 90 Minutes From Baltimore!  This one bedroom property, located  at a ski resort, is owned by my friend and personal trainer John Vargo. This condo is also for rent until the right buyer is found.


The second was Realtor® Martha Brown who talked about her   Unique Listing In Pasadena.  This property is perfect for entertaining on a secluded acre, with multiple garages, carports and a private "beach" area. It would make a great extended family compound, a corporate retreat, Bed & Breakfast or just your own year round  'staycation'  home with a rustic, charming resort feel!

This radio show is a perfect way to help buyers and sellers, along with other professionals, stay current with real estate.


WCBM 680 AM Talk Radio Sunday at 12 Noon

Busy Talk Radio Show With Lots of Callers


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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Listen To Live Radio Sunday at Noon

 Listen To Live Radio Sunday at Noon

 January 13, 2013


Tune into  radio station  WCBM 680 AM or Listen  at 12 noon East coast time!

There is an iPhone and iPad app

Baltimore, Maryland



Margaret Rome will be hosting live radio " All About Real Estate" Sunday at noon! You are invited to listen or to call in and discuss real estate.

Call in Number 410-922-6680

Listen live

Live Radio Sunday 12 noon Listen To Margaret Rome


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Friday, January 11, 2013

Attending a Denver ReBar Camp From Baltimore

Attending a Denver ReBar Camp From Baltimore

Wonderfully busy day in Baltimore starting with a workout at the gym,  showing my Contemporary Stone and Cedar  Rancher , attending a Mini ReBar Camp in Denver, a client meeting and dinner with friends.

Whoa.. back up. How was I able to attend a mini ReBar Camp in Denver?

This photo of my computer screen shows  Carra Riley presenting live in Denver. The lower part part  of the screen, you can almost see Margaret Rome and 'Hangout On Air Specialist' Ronnie Bincer .

We were not in Denver but at our computers at home using this exciting technology.

Google hangout


Carra Riley  was hosting the event, with Kristal Kraft, in front of real estate agents, in Denver, who were learning  how to use Hangouts On Air.

Other guests included Margaret Rome, Adrienne May, who was sharing great information about Veterans United, and  Sarah Hill.

It had to be exciting for the ReBar attendees to see the action live on the big screen in a Denver classroom.

Sarah Hill describes a hangout as Human Media vs Social Media.

Google+ Hangouts might just be the 'new way' for connecting us to each other.

A Hangout is a private video chat.

A Hangout on Air is public and recorded on YouTube.

Do you want to learn more about Google+ Hangouts?

Go find a friend, hangout and have some fun.

Attending a Denver ReBar Camp From Baltimore

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rio Is Moving Because of a TOO LATE Sign


Rio Is Moving Because of a TOO LATE Sign

Rio will be moving to a new home because his beautiful 7 acre farm located at   1930 Jordans Retreat 21776  has a "TOO LATE" sign.


Rio Is a Beauty    Jordans Retreat

Jordans Retreat  HomeRome 410-530-2400

7 Acres of Charm...Jordans Retreat in New Windsor, Maryland

Rio and Margaret

You can check the photos of  this 7 acre mini farm located at 1930  Jordans Retreat  to see what you missed.

Rio Is Moving Because of a TOO LATE sign! 

TOO LATE HomeRome Sign Rider

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Cinnamon and Luggy Are Baltimore's Pets Of The Week

Would you consider adopting Cinnamon or Luggy?

As a Realtor® and Broker in Baltimore, I am used to Finding Homes For Baltimore Buyers. Now I am looking for another kind of home.

Can you help the Baltimore Humane Society find a home for Cinnamon and Luggy?

baltimore humane society 

Do you have room for either one?

Cinnamon and Luggy Are Baltimore's Pets Of The Week

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